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Caregiver Training

Do you know Japan is a country which has the 10th most and the 1st oldest population in the world. According to population survey taken in Japan, in which 1/5 of population is over 65 years old. Aging problem in population leads to the lack of labour force supply and the increase in nursing and heathcare labour force.

Seizing this trend, since 2013 U.I.H has built the Japanese understanding nursing training in order to work in Japan transnation program with Nguyen Tat Thanh University. This program has been taken to fulltime teaching since 2015.

Our Japanese understanding nursing training program is not only teaching student Japanese but also training students with specialized knowledge as well as necessary skills while studying in Japan. Preparing for students the stable basis on their ways of making dreams come true.

Besides teaching Japanese, we periodically invite experts from Japan to organize practicalpresentation about using Japan modern devices.

The presentation and instruction of using the Raku Tore – EMS
device for Nguyễn Tất Thành University’ nursing students.

Speciality: From the end of 4th quarter 2017 to the 1st quarter 2018, the nursing and health caring E.learning program is going to be established and put into use. This is the program that U.I.H purchases the copyright from the Japan biggest education corporation and rewrites in Vietnamese edition.

💠 After finishing the course, students will take a test given by the Japan education corporation, and get the certificate of accomplishment then.

💠 Destpite being the young company in intern training and dispatching, U INTERNATIONAL HUMAN CO., LTD has clearly oriented targets:

🔸U.I.H has been co-operating with lots of large social welfare organizations in order to build up human resourse training progam that is practical and according to recruitment conditions.

🔸No brokerage expenses, no caution money in order to decrease expenses for interns.

🔸Avoiding the situation that interns have to loan money or pledge assets.

🔸Charging fees acording to process appropriately.

🔸Japanese training at least N4 level, including Japan culture and working principles before arriving in Japan. Helping student in having general viewpoint of living and working environment in Japan so as to easily intergrate.

🔸Ensuring interns’rights by chosing reputation welfare organizations and nursing homes with good working conditions.

🔸Building up Vietnamese nurses’image with seriousness, good qualification, language skill, understading of Japan culture and regulations. Creating truthfulness of Vietnamese for Japan interprises, as well as it is our hounor.