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Japanese Language Center


– Recognizing the increasing investment of Japanese businesses in Vietnam, together with the friendship between two countries is growing. We believe that learning Japanese will bring you new opportunities in work and study.
– Therefore, from 2014 we have started to prepare the training program, and by 2015 we have taught free beginner Japanese language for students.

☞The aim of the free training program is to give all young people the opportunity to explore a new foreign language and to identify their abilities as well as goals for the chosen language.


❈ New, dedicated, enthusiastic teaching methods and interesting extracurricular lessons.
❈ Students who are absent due to work or study will be provided free supplementary period.
❈ Before and after class, teachers always spend 15 minutes to answer students’ questions.
❈ The teacher is the official staff of the center, not recruited teachers who not suitable in requirement, consistent teaching methods satisfactory.


❈ Not only Japanese, but also learn about Japanese culture and working style.
❈ Guide students in self-study, learning and teamwork skills.
❈ Periodically provide career guidance, study abroad counseling for trainees, so that trainees can set a goals for each course and achieve this goals.
❈ Students are equipped with soft skills to support for future work like as the 5S, HORENSO …