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Real Estate in Vietnam and Japan

This is our company’s main fields of activities – with full experience in these fields:
❄ Real estate business including trading, investment, leasing.
❄ Domestic and foreign real estate agent, real estate investment project consultant.
❄ Estimating real estate project cost, marketing research, analysting and judging investment project result.
❄ Consulting the legal procedure about the land use right transfer, land leasing and orther relative service contracts…..
❄ Especially we are one of the first interprises in renting rooms construction and professional leasing for Vietnamese in Ho chi minh city.


Sakura Apartment

Normal Room

VIP Room


✳ The project concept has been made and designed since 2008, practically launched in 2010 and came into operation since 12/2011.
✳ Providing stable accomodations for lots of office workers, students from many locals.
✳ Developing new services in order to bring convenience for customers.
✳ Being praised by local government in resident management, local security ensuring.
✳ Customers: Ministry of national defence, Japan interprises.
✳ Architecture and structure designing.
✳ Building management and consulting.